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Speaking is more than just an inspiring message; it’s about impact. My mission is to provide a unique and high-powered experience that elevates the audience to take action to upgrade all facets of their life by taking a fresh look at their health, mindset, and physical fitness. 

Here’s a sampling of topics I’ve spoken about :

  • Greatness Through Fitness
  • Invest in Wellness to Upgrade Performance
  • Embracing Discomfort To Maximize Performance
  • Regulate and Restore – Master Stress and Activate Your True Potential!
  • Build Unstoppable Confidence by Upgrading Mindset and Challenging Perceived Mental and Physical Limitations 
  • Optimize Mental and Physical Performance – An Introduction to a Healthy, High Performance Lifestyle

Whether you need a keynote or a breakout, a host or panel moderator, I’ve got knack for keeping the conversation fresh, relevant, and engaging (and putting both audience and other speakers at ease). It would be an honor and pleasure to talk to you about your next event, whether it’s in person or virtual.

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