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Looking to upgrade your team meetings with more fun and more impact?

Want to deliver a customized wellness / human performance micro retreat for your group?

I curate in person experiences either at your location or at one of the unique locations I partner with.  

I can design half day, full day, or multi-day events to suit your needs.  Hand over the reigns for a completely “done for you” experience, or work in collaboration with me to implement your vision.  


Teams, companies, and organizations typically engage with me with for one or more of the following reasons :

  1. You’re looking for a unique venue that is conducive to creative thinking and breaking through barriers.
  2. You want to introduce wellness themes into your existing meeting structure.
  3. You want to incorporate one or more wellness experts into your event (movement / nutrition / functional medicine / stress management / sleep / etc.)
  4. You need fresh ideas to keep your team excited and engaged.
  5. You want turn key organization including recommendations based on best practices, venue selection, food + refreshments, speakers, logistics, and/or post event follow up.

Check out some examples.


Case Study : Entrepreneurs Upgrade Personal Performance Through Wellness Series

A local group of entrepreneurs has achieved lots of personal and professional success,  but hectic schedules meant there wasn’t enough time to truly focus on overall health and fitness.  Plus, a dizzying array of information from conflicting sources made it difficult (and time consuming) to understand best practices related to health, diet, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyle.  The membership requested an event to learn more about health and wellness with actionable guidance.


In collaboration with the organization leadership, I designed a micro retreat series that was fun, educational, and digestible.  We called the micro retreat series Move | Nourish | Learn | Connect.   Each 3 hour micro retreat incorporated an all-levels-friendly movement component (example: yoga), healthy food, an expert speaker, and ample opportunity to nurture and deepen relationships.  Speakers included a top muscle health expert, a Special Forces nutritionist, and a men’s personal development coach.

The series has been widely successful.  Attendance at the first micro retreat was around 25 people and has grown steadily at each event.  The most recent micro retreat had close to 60 attendees. 


Case Study : Real Estate Team Boosts Recruiting and Team Development

A local real estate brokerage wanted a unique, health oriented event to strengthen bonds with their existing team and recruit new team members.  

We designed a two part event series.  The first event involved a core group of approximately 20 current team members.  The event consisted of a group workout followed by contrast therapy (cold plunge and sauna.)  Video and photos from the event were used to build excitement for a second event that included not just current team members but also team recruits and partners.  The two part series resulted in strengthened team bonds and the success recruitment of several new team members, making it one of the most cost effective recruiting tools implemented to date.


Case Study : Sales Team Upgrades Their Annual Meeting 

A local distribution firm wanted to host a non traditional meeting for their 
sales team.  In addition to product education and team development, they wanted to reinforce two keys themes :

  1. Prioritize your health first to upgrade performance in all areas of your life.
  2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Maximum performance happens when you get outside your comfort zone.


Working in collaboration with the team manager, I organized a turn key event that included unique venue space, healthy food, and designing an agenda with health components that included an experiential session on the power of breathwork and utilizing the cold plunge and sauna for a mental and physical challenge.  A professional photo and video team captured key moments throughout the day.  In addition to documenting some great memories, a powerful takeaway handbook was prepared with key lessons from the day and action items to implement into daily life.


Curious about how your team could benefit from one on one or group training?  

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