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“Justin is a mentor, friend, and wellness seeker confidante.”



“Justin has been instrumental in my personal and professional development.”


“Justin is the best coach I’ve worked with to date.”



About Justin

I’m an entrepreneur working to make a massive positive impact in the world. Professionally, I divide my time between injecting new life and vision into unique real estate redevelopments, growing Mekanix Gym, and incubating a handful of related ventures. Personally, I strive to make a massive positive impact on as many people as possible, with deep emphasis on the closest relationships in my life. I personally coach a select group of highly motivated individuals.

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“Justin is a mentor, friend, and wellness seeker confidante.  He inspires through example by constantly trying new things and sharing the best of what he’s learned with his community.  One tool that really had an impact on me is his methodology for defining and achieving goals. He communicates it in way that anyone can relate, from his 9 year old niece to a retired parent and everyone in between.  I continue to pay attention to what Justin is doing – whatever it is, I want to be aware and forever in his community!”

Leann Rominger

“Justin exemplifies preparation, consistency and accountability.  He’s been instrumental in my personal and professional development by providing guidance, expertise, and practical tools and tactics that help me be the best version of myself.  I have seen him strategically and tactically build a community and scale a business with authenticity, care, professionalism and passion.  He’s become a trusted resource, friend, mentor and coach and I’d highly recommend his services to anyone seeking improvement in life.”

Greg Scheinman

“Justin is the best coach I’ve worked with to date.  He spent considerable time getting to know me, my goals, and how I think.  He was firm in challenging areas that needed to be challenged, starting with my thoughts, but at the same time gentle in a way that helped me get real with myself and achieve success within a month of working with him.”

Sherry Thomas


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